28 July 2017

whatever comes next

Life may become difficult after this. I didn't said that life is easy before this. Life is hard. You will know how hard life is if you are in my shoes. But I know, you may have it harder or easier from me. But life is hard.

I have to struggle to become like this. And that struggling is ain't easy pal. 

I can keep on struggling and rant. I can keep on smiling and die a little inside. But surely, I will survive.

Cheers to  whatever comes next.

10 July 2017

How it feel to lost someone

Hi. I'm back after who knows how long. Referring to the tittle, past few days, I just lost someone close to me. Someone who I love all my heart. Someone who live with me since I am a little kid. 

She is the one who teach me how to mengaji. After Maghrib, we three siblings would go to her room and sit waiting for our turn to mengaji. Starting from Iqra' and then Muqaddam. With patience, she teach us.

She is the one who would give everything for us. Once I tell her I want a shoes that cost 500 bucks(Of course I am just joking). That time, she just smile to me. But later, I found out from my mom, she ask my mom about her bank account balance to buy my shoes. 

She is the one who teach me to buat kuih tradisional (walaupun sekarang dah lupa). She loves to make kuih for us but she can't walk so she will instruct me to take whatever she need to make that kuih. 

Wan, I love you so much. Moga wan ditempatkan di kalangan orang yang baik-baik. It hurts for me to let you go but it hurts me more to see you in pain. 

7.7.17, 4.10 am.