05 November 2010

Ways to be Happy :D

This is just some ways be happy. Just for fun, okay? Nak ikut, ikut! Tak nak sudahh ! Okay, let's check it out! ♥

(1) Always smile even when you're sad. Smile to all people and you will be happy when they smile back to you. (It's work a lot)

(2) Listen to your favorite music. But don't ever listen to sad songs. Okay dear? 

(3) Shopping! For girls especially. (It's work a lot)

(4) If you sad, cry! Cry and sleep. When you wake up, start your new life without tears anymore. (It's also work)

(5) Spend time with your family/cousins/friends/boyfie/girlfie/wife/husband/child.

(6) Go for a walk. The best place is park! 

(7) Talk to a good trusted friend(s). 

(8) Make a new hobby! Swimming, cooking, gardening. Etc.

(9) Have a long bath in bathtub! Or shower. (It;s work)

(10) Be happy with yourself. There is only YOU in this world. Nobody can replace you in this world.

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