18 October 2012


Hye. Many people said love is important. The most important things in this world. Cannot be buy. Cannot be sell. Yep. I know that and I'm agree with that. But... Yeah, there is a but here.

How many people are still seeking for true love? Almost every single ladies and single gentleman are searching for it, right? Don't you know guys that you have already found your true love. Long long ago. Since you are a zygote.



Manusia dah terlalu taksub mencari cinta boyfriend/girlfriend sampaikan cinta mereka kepada Allah dan ibu bapa semakin dilupakan. How can it be??!

Without Allah, you will never exist in this world.

Without your parents, who are you? What will happen to you?

But without your boy/girlfriend, you still can live right? You still exist in this world. So tell me, do you really need a boyfriend or a girlfriend instead of Allah and parents?

Muka masam. Kata gaduh dengan couple. Menangis. Kata baru lepas putus cinta. Diet. Kata sebab couple suruh.

Padahal, muka masam sebab tengah tahan sakit perut. Menangis sebab tak tahan sakit perut. Diet sebab perut dah besar.

Haih. People.

Kalau kata takde boyfriend/girlfriend. Langsung tak nak percaya. Cakap kita membongak lah apa lah. Pastu cakap kita forever alone lah.

Hey, who need others love when you have Allah and parents love? Nothing is more important than that.

And yes, I am single. For now, I just need Allah love's and my parents love's. That's all I need and I can survive this hard life. Insya-Allah.

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